Current Thesis Progress

I’ve never really done a real update, but it might be nice to go back and see my progress.  I have about 2 weeks to actually get a final draft of my thesis in, but I’m quite pessimistic about it, as much as I try not to.  I keep praying for three things.  One, I keep praying for things to work out somehow.  Two, my biggest prayer, is to actually believe that it will.  Lately, I’ve been having a lot of thoughts about the supernatural works of God, and I’ve been trying to stray away from believing what God has put in front of me or what my mind can physically comprehend.  It’s easy to just believe in what I think I know, but in order to truly trust in God, I really need to believe that as impossible as things may seem, and as much as I keep telling myself that realistically things won’t work out, it very well might.  God works in ways like that.  But also, my third prayer, is to want God’s will, whether it be for me to finish in time or not.  Anyway, here’s my progress so far – 

Introduction: 95%

Literature Review: 80%

Citations: 80%

Methods: 68%

Tables & Graphs: 5%

Analysis: 0%

Results/Discussion: 0%

Conclusions: 0%

Formatting: 0%

Abstract: 0%

Defense Slides: 0%

Quite a ways to go, and so little time.  However, I’m hopeful at the same time.


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