The few recent photos I’ve taken lately

Image It’s finally starting to look like Autumn… in February. Haha ( : I love it.

ImageThe sky looked really cool through the Mini Cooper moon roof

ImageI PR’ed twice this week. The one above I’m really proud of.  It was the longest distance in the shortest amount of time that (Leah and) I have done (in that combination. I’ve run longer distances and I’ve run a faster mile.)  The other record was yesterday, I ran a 3.0 mile route in 27 minutes.  Although I have also run a flat 3 miles faster than that, this route had a butt load of hills, which I was really proud to keep a good pace at.

ImageOur office is starting to look festive again! Valentines theme for the month.

And lastly, I don’t think I ever blogged what our January diet was, but we did Just Water January (but allowed unsweetened, brewed teas).  For this month, we are doing “Just Fish February”, aka Pescatarian February.  I’m loving this month just as much as last month’s theme.  So fun! Here’s a few things I’ve made:

ImageOk I didn’t make that one but it was an eggplant mushroom panini, so good! Sidenote: I lost my lunch bag so I allowed myself to spend $8 on a sandwich that day. No regrets!

Image Egg white, spinach, feta, and homemade sun-dried tomatoes with whole wheat wrap

Image Pasta Primavera (broccoli, zucchini, sun-dried tomatoes, tri pasta)


Crab Dip with Baguette (not pictured)

ImageOh and I have (clearly) developed a new addiction to the new Butterfinger PB Cups.  Taste at your own risk. I already need an intervention.


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