Efficient Saturday

It’s only 4:26PM and I feel like I’ve done so much today.  I woke up a little later than I’d like too, but still at a good time.  Leah and I went for a run in Balboa Park/Downtown.  It was fun to run wherever the wind took us without having to follow a specific route.  It also helped that she also got a Garmin GPS watch! ( :  So exciting!!


Leah’s so cute!  We literally did all of our favorite things together today and still have more ahead of us.


After our run, we had time to stop by Whole Foods for some brunch, the best coconut juice was on SALE, the green juice smoothies were on sale, and everything was delicioussss


On top of that, we had time to go back home, shower, watch 2 full Harry Potter movies (our favorite saga), get some homework done (currently still happening.. sort of), and bake some yummy cookies.  This time around we tried a new recipe, Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Cookies:


Follow @_ANDMILK for more delicious cookies!


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