Moments I’ll Miss


As it gets closer and closer to graduation, I can’t help but rack up things in my head that I’ll miss about school.  Occasionally I still have the internal argument that I can still go back, get my pHD done in 3 years or pursue something else.  But I always go back to remembering how tired I am and how much I truly hate writing.  I also am reminded of all of the goals I have yet to accomplish, the ones that are reserved for “after I finish school” and I must make it a point to pursue those and stop delaying them.  Here’s my list of things I’ll miss (so far):

  1. Me time at coffee shops, including myself, my music, my supplies, my laptop, my drink, and my bagels.  (This is secretly one of my all time hobbies, but I’m so excited to replace all that school stuff with a good leisurely read.)
  2. Unexpected, all-over-the-place schedules.  No one really likes inconvenient schedules, but jumping around from school to work or work to school or school to home or work to home or school to beach or work to nap… you get the picture.  It’s just really exciting and it beats the same monotonous routine every single day forever.  It’s always a nice (or not nice) surprise every semester or quarter, depending on your school’s system.
  3. The feeling after walking out of your last final.
  4. The feeling the day after your last final and wondering why you have so much time to not study.
  5. Meeting, seeing, and conversing with awesome colleagues
  6. Being spoon fed several angles of what’s going on the world without even lifting a finger (not to say you shouldn’t still do your own research, but who has the REAL information these days, anyways?)
  7. Studying with friends
  8. Studying with Marcos
  9. SDSU’s campus on a beautiful day.  It really is pretty.
  10. Free, easily accessible hot water for tea/coffee

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