I’m extremely grateful for..

  • An awesome God
  • A clean, comfortable home and bed to come home to
  • A car that I didn’t have to pay for
  • A stable job to get me what I need and much more
  • Education and the opportunities it comes with
  • Great professors
  • Parents that love each other and love our family
  • A good, Christian family
  • A wonderful boyfriend
  • Great friends
  • Great best friends
  • A good, working laptop
  • Good health
  • A body that is able to do many things
  • Extended family
  • San Diego, the places, the weather
  • All 5 senses
  • Sleep
  • A razor and tweezers
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Tender Greens
  • Chocolate
  • Music
  • Love
  • many more
  • Fun nieces, nephews, and cousins:



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