Girl Time

Hanging out with the girls is one of my most favorite things to do. Always. I get sad when I can’t make it to the rare opportunities that we have together. 


We made our way out to Tender Greens (of course), and for some reason all of us decided on soup, no salad.  Still super yummy, though. It’s just so nice to sit and talk over breakfast (or any meal), and get some good laughs in. I’m so happy that all of my closest girls are at a good place in their lives, and that they have goals that they’re trying to achieve. It’s hard to be down, when your friends are so happy!



We’re approaching that time in our lives when everyone is getting married. I guess it’s different for every set of friends.  For us in particular, the “first married batch” is happening around ages 23-24.  It’s nice. We have yet to have a big wedding for one of our closest friends. I’m so excited. And even more people are engaged (that I know of), or it is happening soon. Very soon! ImageImage

Not that marriage is on my mind at the moment, but I can’t stop thinking about how scary but exciting it all is for everyone.  Time truly does not slow down.  Meaning.. I need more girl time ASAP.. before everyone ventures off into their marriages and/or moving on with their lives in different cities or parts of the world. Ah!


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