Date Night

Marcos & I don’t get a lot of time to hang out together, unless we’re simply studying in each other’s presence.  So every now and then, we get the chance to squeeze in a date night.  I’m talking zero time. We didn’t even have the time to really celebrate our 3 year anniversary.  We’re not really too big on celebrating in general, but since our 3.5 mark passed last week, we thought we’d make it an excuse for the good old ‘dinner and a movie’.


Marcos picked out Taste of Thai in Hillcrest. It’s a well-priced, delicious Thai spot, one of my faves! He chose well. It’s also right next to one of our favorite shoes stores, Mint.  They had this silly sign out front:


Also, thai iced tea and thai iced coffee!!



We had a good time ( : Also, Thor: The Dark World is really good! And not just because it’s the perfect opportunity to stare at Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston for a couple hours.. ( : O


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