Busy Bee

My weekend was quite exciting! There’s a few things I failed to blog about from the past week or two.  I took lots of photos, so for now I’ll do a photo update! More details later on what I did ( :

Celebrated the end of October Unprocessed with some homemade Jacques Torres Chocolate Chip Cookies:


Sunday Brunch @ TG, duh:


Finally found a reason to eat at Puesto (over all the other amazing restaurants around it) and now wonder why it took me so long (did I mention Frozen Horchata??):


Got some cronuts. A friend wanted to try Donut Bar, I promised I keep company.  So far, I’ve only had two unhealthy breakfasts this entire year. This was the first one. The next one was the very next day @ the amazing Crispy’s donuts


I caught up with one of my good friends, Chris!  The weather was perfect, why would he ever leave San Diego? Just kidding.


At the Embarcadero, I found several of these tiny guys around the grass. It used to be my favorite thing as a little girl to pick up tiny tiny flowers. These especially were one of my favorites because they look like infant daisies.



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