10 things I will never stop wanting in this lifetime

  1. My own goldendoodle
  2. Chocolate (even if I have it in my mouth, I will still want more)
  3. An adopted Chinese or Japanese little boy
  4. My very own cookie bakery
  5. The letters “phD” next to my name
  6. To be at least 5 feet tall (and skinnier)
  7. To spend a few carefree days in Fiji
  8. To eat all the pastries and french fries I want without gaining any weight or feeling bloated and gross
  9. To be a professional swimmer
  10. To finish a full marathon in decent time

With those being said, I want to make it clear that some are attainable, some are not, and some are not worth (in my opinion and only regarding my own personal capabilities) striving for.  Some things are better left as dreams, and I’m okay with that. Others, we shall see. ( :


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