Vampire Weekend

Mondays and Wednesdays are extra fun because I get to spend them with my bff Alecks, since we work together on those days and get off at the same time (5:30PM Sharp.) This day we had plans to go back on campus to watch Vampire Weekend, who we haven’t seen since September of 2010.  It’s crazy how much time flies.  And even crazier when you start to think about how much life has changed.


Our original plan was to drive back to school, get a couple of hours of studying in, and then head over to the concert.  Fortunately, a friend of ours wanted to meet for dinner, which was a really nice change of plans. Kensington is one of my favorite, cozy areas in SD.  We stopped at Kensington’s Burger Lounge location, and let’s be real.  Burger Lounge is never a mistake.  Adding friends to the mix is the chocolate syrup on top (I don’t like maraschino cherries, which is normally what goes on top, so chocolate syrup it is.)


Then we headed to the concert.


Marcos has never been to a concert before, so this was our first concert together.  We’ve been to countless shows together, but never a sit down concert.  He got us some pretty great seats, and I was glad the crowd was willing to stand the whole time and get their dance-on.  I was also glad that a majority of the people we got seated by were of older-age (our age).  I tend to get a little irritable/distracted when I’m surrounded by young screaming boys and girls.  It’s been nice lately because a lot of the artists we’ve seen are the same crowds from when we were young screaming boys and girls, so the crowds have matured with us.  This one, not so much.


Great concert, nonetheless.  


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