October Unprocessed


These past few days have been a little different. Still busy as usual. The reason they’ve been different is because it is officially October Unprocessed! I participated in the challenge last year and I just loved the way it made my body feel, and the way it changed my entire diet.  You basically avoid any/most processed foods for the entire month of October, which is pretty hard considering the amount of time and money necessary, but so worth it.  This year is even better because I know how to prepare/what to expect, and a couple of my friends joined in on the challenge as well!


A couple of days before October, I did some grocery shopping. Some of my essentials for the challenge include (all unprocessed forms): lots of fruits & salad stuff, carrots, hummus, peanut butter, raw honey, oatmeal, organic whole wheat bread, black beans, avocado, larabars, almonds, macadamia nuts, greek yogurt, and salmon.  This time around, I’m trying to actually find recipes and take the time to cook.  Last year, I just settled for what I could find in stores, which wasn’t very much.. so my diet didn’t have much variety.  I’m also really terrible at logging/taking photos of what I eat everyday.  


But of course, sometimes you just have to be on the go and buying or starving are your only options.  Here’s some places that I’ve found with yummy, delicious, unprocessed options.  You just have to be careful of what specific ingredients are included, that way you can take them out:

  1. Chipotle. Yes on so many levels. Just avoid that sour cream and cheese!
  2. Tender Greens.  Beware of dressings!
  3. Burger Lounge. It’s up to you to decide if the bread passes your “unprocessed-test”.  Then again, they also have great salads.
  4. Senor Mangos.  Or any 100% all fruit smoothie place for that matter.
  5. Korean BBQ restaurants. Yes. Lightly seasoned meats are absolutely allowed.
  6. Starbucks.  But mind you, stick to the naturally sweetened Tazo teas/black coffee

So those were just a few.  I’ll be sure to mention more as time passes ( : Happy October!



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