Niederfrank’s Ice Cream

I’ve really got to get a laptop with an SD card reader, otherwise I’ll never upload pictures and I’ll never blog!  Luckily I’ve got a few pictures from previous days.

Sometime a couple of weeks ago, Marcos and I took a break from our typical study hours to get some yummy burgers and ice cream.  Too often, I take for granted the pretty palm plants (or trees) that we have in abundance in Southern California.  It wasn’t until a friend from the east coast came and took several pictures of them that I realized how much a of a rarity these things are in other parts of the country (or world?).  


Coronado (island) is one of the typical touristy areas of San Diego, and also one of the most expensive.  Despite that, it’s still nice to come to every once in awhile, walk around, see the stores, rent&ride bikes, relax at the parks, go on base (if you have access), walk around Hotel Del, eat at expensive restaurants, etc.  I’m sad I didn’t get a picture of the view from the bridge, but I was driving so it was either get a great picture and die, or drive over safely.  I choose the latter.

Sidenote: A lot of driving instructors in San Diego like to take 16 year olds over the Coronado Bridge on their first driving lesson.  Scary much!? I sure was.Image

This day also happened to be the first day Burger Lounge brought the seared albacore burger to Burger Lounge.  First of all, Burger Lounge is my favorite burger place ever.  Second of all, seared albacore is one of my greatest weaknesses.  Now, given those two things, it was really hard for me to decide between the Lounge Burger or the Seared Albacore burger, because almost everyday I have to literally convince myself not to drive all the way to Burger Lounge and spend $8 on my beloved Lounge Burger.  But seared albacore just sounded soooo gooooooood.  Long story short, I decided to try the albacore and I was not at all disappointed.  That’s how good it was.  It was so good that I didn’t miss my Lounge Burger while eating it.  The fries are also on point.


On the way home, we stopped by Niederfrank’s ice cream. It’s been around for a long time (longer than I’ve been alive), and it’s in a crazy random area of the city, but it’s obviously still thriving for a reason.  It’s one of the best ice cream shops I’ve ever been to.  They make their ice cream with the same love and care that they did 25 years ago, and the wholesome ingredients and labor are obvious when you take that first bite! and second.. and third…


Hope everyone has a great week!


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