Buona Forchetta

Lately, my camera hasn’t been working to its fullest potential, so I apologize in advance for the poor-quality photos.

Marcos and I have been meaning to try Buona Forchetta for some time. It’s right next to Hamilton’s, which is a regular for us and our friends. Of course, time & money is always something to consider when you’re poor college kids like us (well lately it’s been feeling like we’re a lot older than kids), but we still like to wine and dine.  Buona Forchetta is one of those hip places that only opens in the evenings and Sundays for brunch.  With such short hours, and according to reviews, amazing food, you can imagine that the lines outside (of the outside patio) are always quite long.


Upon arrival, we were immediately greeted by the hostess who told us a table would be ready very soon.  A majority of the seating is outside, and she wasn’t kidding, we saw her immediately get to work on setting up a table for us, despite how busy it was.  We got pretty lucky, it wasn’t as busy as most nights, but still busy. Since most of the seating is outdoor, and it being summer in San Diego, it was absolutely perfect.  The lighting and temperature was super romantic, even though we were not on a hot date or anything (c:


I could seriously rave about this place all day and all night.  The pizza could not have been more perfect.  So fresh, so warm, crispy yet soft, cheesy, amazing goodness.  And the chocolate mousse was really good as well, although we didn’t make it to the bottom of the bowl because it got a little overwhelming.  I need to go back immediately!

Image Image


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