No News

I was looking through some old photos to see if I missed blogging anything.  There hasn’t been much, just food and small activities, which I’ll post anyway.  

Lately, it’s been super hot.  The kind of hot where you feel sluggish and you can’t even feel comfortable in your own home (AC is expensive!).  It’s the kind of hot where you wake up super early because it’s too hot and it feels like it’s 12 noon.  It’s the kind of hot where you can’t even wear sunglasses outside because you’re dripping in sweat and your sunglasses slide off and just feel uncomfortable.  It’s muggy outside and gross and I don’t like it, I want my normal weather back! While everyone else in the country is prepping for icy winters, we’re bracing ourselves for more heat.  No!

Also, school has started up once again.  Fall semester is always the hottest for some reason.  And the weather always gets grossly hot starting the very first week of school.  It’s punishment or something.  All I know is heat + thesis writing do not go well together.  Anyway, here’s some random pictures that never made it to a post!


Lighthouse Ice Cream in Ocean Beach!  Known for their waffle sandwiches, yum


That’s the blueberry waffle with vanilla ice cream, drooool


Some pomegranate tea to cool off!


Marcos’s yummy pasta from Nordstrom Cafe.  It was so good he ate a lot of the veggies (he normally does not eat veggies)


Got my watch fixed, it looks so fancy!


The best breakfast when you’re on the go!  Fresh bagels & OJ!


Our little Caleb’s first birthday!


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