Kickball & Richard Walker’s

One of my best pals (I know, it seems like I have a lot but I promise I’m almost always talking about the same 2-3 people) had just turned 23 last week.  She’s one of the babies of our group of friends, even though it’s definitely starting to feel like we’re getting really old.  All she wanted to do for her birthday was play some kickball, and so kickball is what she got!


It’s such a blast to get all of our friends together, get outside, and get competitive (but not really… it’s mostly just laughing.. or hanging out in the shade if you like to stay nice smelling.)  We definitely don’t do this enough.  We probably do a little too much eating.  Which is exactly what we did the very next morning.


We woke up early Saturday morning for some yummy pancakes and eggs.  It was my first time at Richard Walker’s, which we mistakenly kept calling Johnny/Paul Walker’s.  They’re famous for their apple pancakes (I think that’s what it’s called) so of course we had to try some.


The one above was called the cinnabon apple pancake. It’s pretty debatable on whether or not you’d call that a pancake.  Overall, it was a generous serving and it was pretty good, very sugar-y. Will I crave it in the future?  Probably not.  I actually enjoyed the plain ol’ buttermilk pancakes a little more.  I don’t even really like pancakes that much. They were just the right amount of fluffy, and the whipped butter and hot syrup made it even more amazing.


P.S. I love my gals!



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