Meditation Gardens

At whichever point I thought it was a good idea to start a blog, I take it back.  I am a terrible blogger.  Haha, but I will keep at it as best I can.

Last weekend, Marcos and I finally decided to visit the Meditation Gardens in Encinitas, CA.  I’ve been wanting to go for quite a while, but as always, work & classes always seem to get in the way.  No matter, we knew (were hopeful) that we would get to it eventually.  And that we did.


What a beautiful garden it is.  It’s a good size, so peaceful, FREE, and worth the drive.  It overlooks the Pacific Ocean, which is one my favorite parts, but one of many.  The following photo was neat.  It was another temple of some sort (where the star is marked), but due to erosion they had to tear it down.


Where’s Marcos? =PImageImageImageImage

People are just so kind to provide and maintain things like this, for people to visit and do what they wish.  I wish there was more!


We also had enough time to stop at the Solana Beach farmer’s market. I’m a sucker for farmer’s markets, but for some reason I always visit them when I know I need to be somewhere afterwards.  I guess you could consider it good and bad.  Almost everything that I ever want to buy is perishable if not properly stored within the next few hours after buying, so I end up saving some money, but going home with no delicious groceries! Image

Oh, and we couldn’t forget to make a stop at Champagne in Del Mar for one of our favorite delicious lemon cookies.  Drool.


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