Go Padres!

I was born and raised in San Diego, so naturally I’ve been a Padres/Chargers fan my entire life.  Okay, maybe not naturally… you might know that San Diego has quite a diverse array of fans, and those that are Padre/Charger fans aren’t the greatest fans.  But I like to think that I am.  Being a San Diego sports team fan, you have to get used to losing.  It all sounds so depressing but it’s really not.  I think of it as a good thing, because even though we lose so much, I still love em and would support them no matter what!


Marcos and I got to attend a Friday night game against the Mets.  It was one of their Wine Fest nights, and they decorated the park really nicely, all on top of the fact that Petco Park is already so pretty, right in the middle of downtown, San Diego.


Marcos got some great seats.  We were right in front of the left fielder and near the bullpen.  Summer evening games are always great, you can get by in a t-shirt (or your favorite team’s jersey of course).


And of course.. food.  Most people say hot dogs are necessary.  We say garlic fries.


Go Padres! By the way, we lost. It’s okay, but gotta love ’em!


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