Mt. Woodson

My friends and I decided to wake up early yesterday morning and try Mt. Woodson (more commonly known as “the potato chip”).  We had always seen pictures of some others pals hiking it, but never got around to going there.  For some reason, we always thought it was several hours away when in fact it was a 30 minute drive from where we live.  Whoops!


We got there fairly early.  The only real downside is that parking gets full fast, and parking isn’t free like our usual hiking spots.  Either way, it’s a great hike and I would still come back (just not any time soon….)  The clouds were lower than usual this time & day, and about halfway up, they formed a nice white quilt below us.


The hike is around 4 miles up, and 4 miles down.  I made the mistake of not getting in a good stretch before or after, so by the time we got to the top, my hamstrings on my right leg were officially done.  Most people complain about the hike up.  I’m the type of person that complains on the way down, and even more so on this hike.  The pain in my hamstrings were especially striking, but sometimes you need to tie a pressure knot, suck it up, and keep going!



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