Easy Like Sunday Morning

Marcos also works for the County of San Diego (different departments & locations), which is convenient because we get the same holidays and perks.  We also get to chat via one of our work computer services.  Of course, it isn’t too much chatting since we’re so busy working hard all day (98% truth!).  Today, my coworker and I sat writing down our top 5 food places (which turned into top 6, then top 10, then down to top 7 again, not including breakfast because breakfast spots deserve their own list.)  I asked Marcos to tell me his top 10 restaurants, and it was almost identical to mine! His top 2 were equal and opposite to mine.  His: 1) Burger Lounge, 2) Tender Greens – and mine, vice versa.


On Sunday, we decided to check out my number one, and his number two, Tender Greens.  I can’t emphasize how much I love this place.  Extra fresh, large portions, amazing greens, baked goods, hibiscus tea, and more!  I honestly couldn’t ask for more.


They recently opened a location downtown, which is a lot more convenient for us since the other locations are a much further drive.  The only downside is that you probably would never go to the downtown location during the weekdays – lunch during the weekdays in downtown is a nightmare! But it’s no problem, the Liberty Station location is beautiful (and by far my favorite) and the UTC location is great too.


I’ve also had a strange obsession with beautifully arranged succulents.  I’m secretly hoping it doesn’t turn into more than just me loving to look at them, because let’s face it.. I have way too many expensive hobbies.  I am weak when it comes to buying things that I’m in to.


Oh, and the verdict?  Same, delicious food.  Same, amazing service.  This is biggest location in San Diego, and on the weekends (especially Sunday) parking is a breeze, outdoor seating and indoor seating are both nice, and a nice walk around downtown after a delicious meal tops it all off!


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