See Ya Later, Paijey!

I started working for San Diego County almost a year ago, and I got hired around the same time as some other stranger.  Paije and I clicked from day 1, and I’m so sad to see her go, but circumstances arise and you know how it goes.  Anyway, we’ve worked together closely and I’ve never once got sick of this girl. She’s amazing. My bestest friend, coincidently, got offered Paije’s position as her replacement, so we get to work together and it’s amazing.  But still, it won’t be the same without Paije and I’m going to miss her so so much.  


When we first started, Paije and I crammed in a tiny cubicle, but we got by.  A few weeks ago, we were offered the resource room for the three of us (temporarily, since it would soon be two of us), and we’ve actually secretly been hoping they’d give it to us for a long time.  There are a few big boxes of rolled up plans (drawn up architect plans), but if you ignore it it’s not so bad.  Haha.  


My bestest friend and I thought it would be nice to decorate our office for Paije’s last day. She loves bright corals and oranges.


Paije got us presents too!


Can’t wait to fly out to Arizona to see this girl!


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