Neighborhood Strollin’

As long as I’ve lived in San Diego (my whole life) and as small as it is compared to your typical big city, I swear I always manage to find something or some place new and amazing (or at least, new to me).  It’s always a new/delicious deli or restaurant, store, boutique, grassy spot, hidden hiking trail, amazing view, and more.  It’s even more bizarre to me when I find these in places I thought I already knew pretty well.  Marcos and I ventured off into North Park/Golden Hill.  We first stopped at Eclipse Chocolate, & this time we tried a beer float (gelato topped w/ beer).  It was fluffy and bubbly.  In terms of flavor, not what I was expecting, possibly due to their selection of beers not going quite well with the gelato.


Walking around, we found this tiny alley with architecture and art studios, kind of neat.  I’d heard of it before, I just never knew where it actually was.


We also visited Pigment, one of my new favorite guilty pleasure stores.  Everything is overly cute and over priced, so it’s mostly a window-shop kind of place. It’s also a place that you cry, because you can’t afford most things in the store, minus the $2.50 chocolate bar that should really only cost $0.99. Image


It was a lucky day for me.  I ran into this great pair of vintage Cole Haan flats.  It’s all pretty exciting.



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