Best Sandwiches Ever

I. Love. Sandwiches. I really do. I mean, I love a lot of foods actually, but sandwiches are definitely in my top 3 foods.  Paninis, grilled cheeses, PB&J, tortas, you name it.


I like to visit Marcos on his lunch breaks whenever I get the chance.  It was more frequent when we first started dating, life was a little less stressful at the time.  So now, any time I have a free hour around lunch during the weekdays, I try to make it to lunch.  There’s so many delicious eateries around there, he works right in downtown San Diego.


He took me to a small deli called 7th Cafe (it’s on 7th).  He had been raving about this place for weeks, and boy, did this place exceed all expectations.  The sandwiches were SO amazing.  I got the brannini (a veggie sandwich with pesto) and he got the roasted turkey melt (honey aioli, turkey, bacon, avocado, provolone).  Both sandwiches were on thick, toasty yet fluffy, delicious pieces of sourdough bread.  I seriously wanted to buy another sandwich for dinner, but the sandwiches were so filling that I could barely finish half.  They also came with a side of pesto pasta, which was very flavorful.  The honey aioli on the roasted turkey melt was sooooooo amazing, it gave the perfect sweetness to savory sandwich.


Happy girl over here. I’ll definitely be coming back.  Very soon.


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