I’m really struggling here

I know, I’m horrible at updating.  I promise I’ve got so much “pending” in my brain, camera, and other places.  It’s just been difficult.  I have way too little time to do everything that I want.  Then again, doesn’t everyone?  Lately, I’ve just been trying to convince myself to slow down.  It’s inevitable to think about the future, but I already have a difficult time grasping what a beautiful life I have now.  I am convinced that everyone is exactly where they are supposed to be.  I need to embrace it because I’m in such a good place.  School’s no fun but it’s still great.  Work is great.  The loves in my life are great.  But just for kicks, I like to dream of my future main bucketlist items (mind you, they aren’t that exciting but they are to me):

  • Open my own Cookie BakeShop (w/ one of my best, Leah)
  • Become an REHS hopefully by next year
  • Visit New Zealand/Australia/Fiji
  • Visit Japan
  • Get an apricot labradoodle/goldendoodle
  • Live in my own apartment
  • Buy my dream convertible creme on beige Beetle

Alrighty, I should stop now before this list never ends.


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