Now that Spring Semester is over….

Summer Session starts tomorrow O.O It’s like an endless nightmare. Just kidding. I like school, otherwise I would not be going at it for another couple of years.  But it definitely takes a toll on my other hobbies, and believe me, I have a lot.  For this post… I’m going to catch up on all of the good food I’ve been eating, then we’ll get to the life-stuff, heh:


Margherita Pizza from Caffe Calibria



Turkey and Almost Grilled Cheese; Pane Cioccolata (Chocolate Bread) from Con Pane


White Chocolate Brownies topped with Haggen Dazs green tea ice cream


Protein Sushi from Ono’s


Happy Vegan Big Salad from Tender Greens (need to stop spending money & gas eating here…)



Lounge Burger; Quinoa Salad from Burger Lounge


BBQ Chicken Salad from Urban Plates (not my fave…)

COOL! And that was me…. trying to cut back on all the food photos. Trust me, I’ve spent a ton of gas, time, and money on some delicious food but I won’t complain… My body is happy. :c)


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