Silly San Diego

The more I travel to other cities and places, the more I solidify two of my recurring realizations:

  • Working hard, saving, etc. is all worth it to be able to travel, relax, splurge, eat, and all that jazz for a short period of time
  • I love San Diego… the weather, the people, the attitudes, the air, I love it more than any of the beautiful places I’ve visited.

You get to see silly signs like this one outside of a recently opened donut shop:


Cute, huh? We even got a sweet discount on donuts, saved a few thousand bucks (c:


But really. This is a neat little little donut shop. I’m always a strong supporter of local business.  And given that this donut shop is no where near where you probably live (unless you live/work in Downtown SD), you don’t have to worry about late night/all day munching because you actually have to get up to get here. Cool.



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