NY Style Pizza: Bronx vs LIM

I’m up at 2AM writing papers, but I have these pending posts that just HAVE to be published (I’m creating distractions).  NY style pizza is my favorite pizza. And I love pizza. But I don’t like pepperoni (long story short – pork will never be found on my plate, nor my mouth, nor my stomach).  Having traveled to NYC, I’ve also found that you don’t really need to be in NY to have delicious NY-style pizza.  Believe it or not, I’ve found my favorite NY-style pizza joints right here in SD.  I may be biased, I may not be… I guess you’ll have to try for yourself.  If it helps, the owners of the restaurants are NY born and raised.  Now, Bronx pizza has been my fave for as long as I can remember. I can’t eat a slice of pizza without comparing it to Bronx.  I’ve tried basically every flavor, minus the ones with any type of pork topping (trust me, there are so many options).  A few months ago, a colleague pointed out this other NY-style pizza joint within a few blocks from work.  I work pretty far from home, so I wouldn’t go out of my way  to go to this place, or so I thought.  It looks like your typical, dinky, NY giant pizza spot with the really huge pizzas for $20 (guilty – I like those too).  I don’t know why it took me so long to try this place, but after that one colleague pointed it out, I’d bring the pizza place up for suggestion and it started to feel like everyone in the city knew about this place but me.  And so, I decided to give Long Island Mike’s a try for myself.

Here’s my quarter-eaten mushroom ricotta pizza from Bronx:


It never fails. Never.

Here’s a few pizzas from LIM (combo, spinach/ricotta/roasted red bell peppers, buffalo chicken, and bacon ranch chicken – not all for me!):




Both places are the same pricing, $2.50/slice.  So what’s the verdict? It’s a tie! They are both really good. I was definitely blown away by LIM, because nothing has ever come so close to Bronx.  If you find yourself at LIM, definitely try the buffalo chicken (I don’t even like buffalo flavor) and the roasted red pepper/spinach/ricotta. So good!!




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