There’s a Straw Hole?

Midterms week(s) has got me on crazy sleep schedules (or lack of).  It doesn’t help that I’ve got a crazy case of allergies, which probably annoys my fellow classmates during class, oopsie.



Luckily, there is an overpriced delicious cup of joy that helps me get through my days.

Sidenote: did you know that it is impossible to be physically addicted to coffee? Yep, don’t believe me? It’s okay I have no evidence, just the fact that the smartest girl in our program has done some serious work on the topic, so I’ll take her word for it! I am not in denial when I say I’m not addicted to coffee!! (c:


Think that isn’t good news enough? Well, let me tell you, I have a way to cheat the system! (I’ve heard of others doing this as well, so I can’t take full credit) You’ll never have to pay (that much) for coffee or tea ever again, unless you really want to.  A year or so ago I picked up the habit of drinking black coffee and plain tea.  Most might disagree that it’s delicious, but I love it.  It’s my favorite habit that I’ve ever had.  Well…  so that overpriced place that sells delicious caffeinated drinks.. did you know that you can ask for a cup of hot water and it’s completely free? Yes, even if you don’t have your own cup. But I do recommend getting your own! That way, you save yourself some dollars and you save some trees and some landfill space and some good clean air, etc etc. (spoken like a true environmental health major) It’s so simple.  Here’ what you do: Go to your favorite tea/grocery store and buy your favorite tea bags/leaves.  Leave a box at home, a box at work, a few in your purse, a few in your backpack, and you’re ready for some caffeine at any time of any day, anywhere, for FREE!  Most places do give hot water for free, whether a local coffee shop, a not-so-local coffee shop, your campus cafeteria, your work cafeteria, really, almost anywhere.  And don’t forget to bring your own (reuseable) water bottle, cold water is free too, as long as you have your own cup.

Want free coffee too?  Buy a french press, and a mug!  Just add your coffee grounds and hot water, and boom… free coffee too.  Luckily, I found this neat travel coffee press at.. well… that overpriced place.



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