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My first post on my new blog!  This is actually really exciting for me.  Why, you ask? You’ve made so many blogs in the past.  Well, it’s always really exciting to start up a new blog.  This may sound bad, but they’re a little bit like old boyfriends.  You’re committed for awhile but then something happens, you get distracted… bored.. annoyed with the changes.. found something new.  And this isn’t necessarily a change because I was tired of my last blog.. it’s just that my last blog got too distracting.  I won’t say which blog, but there’s just so much to read and see and laugh about, I just don’t have that much time to waste.  It also wasn’t a place where I could truly express myself and record those moments that I feel are worth documenting. And SO.. finally, we are here.  I’m not even quite sure if anyone will be reading this, but me is all I want/need.  If you find yourself here, welcome! (c:

Commence blog!


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